Performance Matters: Aligning Customer Experience & the Happiest Place on Earth

They say it’s the happiest place on earth.  

And if you’ve ever been to a Disney resort or taken one of their cruises, you’ll probably agree–even if a hot dog and Coke will cost ya twenty bucks.

When many people visit Disney, they have saved all year (or several) to make the trip.  And their expectations are high.  They want the memories, the excitement of the rides, a clean park, to see their children and grandchildren smile, and to feel safe, free from the cares of their daily lives.  But despite those high expectations, Disney overwhelmingly gets it right.  Why?

Because Disney knows their guests are–deep down–seeking an experience, they aren’t just on vacation.  Disney takes nothing for granted, even teaching their staff how to direct people to locations in the park without awkwardly pointing and grunting “Magic Mountain is that way.”

So what can banks, hospitals, schools, government contractors and non-profit organizations learn from Disney?  First, they understand what their customers want.  Second, they take nothing for granted in how they equip their employees to meet customer expectations.  Third, the right customers are willing to pay for exceptional experiences.

All the evidence points to customer experience becoming the differentiator for the exceptional organization of the future.  So if you aren’t investing in understanding what your customers want, and aligning everything your organization–especially if you’re in a service business–does around that expectation, you’re putting their loyalty at risk.

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